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Who are we?

MIA Assurances was created in 1994 by Jean-Pierre VANDER HAM after a career in payroll technology, with the aim of helping Chartered Accountants identify solutions and social compliance upgrades for their clients.

When he retired, his son Mattias VANDER HAM and his business partner Benjamin PARIS, with their experience at Alptis, Axa, Ciprès, Diot, Henner and Mercer, decided to take over the firm with great ambitions in mind. The firm is gradually moving out of the group insurance brokerage market to specialize in assisting international companies in France.

Today MIA Assurances is:

• 13 employees
• 40 partner insurance companies
• Double-digit annual turnover growth
• 15th French broker specialised in group insurances in the Argus de l’assurance 2021 ranking

Our expertise at your service

Since 1994, MIA has been assisting companies and their advisors (lawyers, chartered accountants, payroll firms, etc.) in the construction, management and development of their employee benefit schemes, with one essential aim: to make it easier for you to manage your employee benefits.

Requesting a review of your insurance policies by MIA Assurances is:
– non-binding,
– a considerable time saving,
– free of charge (we are remunerated by the insurers).

When we receive your completed form, we’ll get in touch to gather the information we need to carry out your review.

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Multidimensional consultancy

MIA carries out audit, consulting and support assignments for companies and their directors, in total independence from insurers.

Our expertise is focused on employee benefits issues, of which Healthcare, Death & disability and Retirement Savings are the main pillars.

Our firm has traditionally specialized in personal insurance and advises on the three main characteristics of insurance contracts:
– Administration advice: selection of the administration center and its technology, and the optimization of processes and resources
– Legal advice: legal compliance, URSSAF, collective bargaining agreement, Tax, and industrial tribunals
– Technical advice: insurance arrangements, assessment of benefits, and pricing

Our team

Elisabeth DE SOUSA

Associate Broker


Associate Broker

Benjamin PARIS

Associate Broker


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Marketing & Project Manager


Account executive


Back-Office Coordinator

Florian LAMARI

Account manager


Account manager

Stéphane FABRE

Account manager

Guillaume AUBRY

Account manager


International Business Manager

Julien HELAN

Account manager

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