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As part of your consultancy role, you are called upon to support your corporate clients in a variety of areas: administrative formalities, legal clarification, management of payroll functions, assistance in setting up foreign companies in France, etc.

Because questions relating to social protection are recurrent, you can rely on MIA Assurances’ expertise in this area to provide your clients with an appropriate and rapid response.

Entrust MIA Assurances with the study of your customers’ social protection solutions!


MIA Assurances, a French brokerage firm established in 1994, supports your customers every step of the way:

1. Before taking out a policy by :
– Tailoring its research to the specific regulatory requirements of your customer’s business.
– Searching for the best insurance solution in terms of value for money from around forty insurers.
– Offering a level of cover suited to the population to be insured.

2. During implementation by :
– Taking out insurance policies with the companies.
– Supporting internal implementation with employees.
– Setting up a process for the life of the contract (enrolments, cancellations, changes in status, etc.).

3. After implementation by :
– Monitoring the management of the contract (payment of contributions, exchanges with insurers, etc.).
– Keeping the proposed cover up to date with regulations and market practices.
– Being available to answer your questions.

More than 200 consultancies (payroll firms, lawyers, chartered accountants, etc.) have already chosen to partner with MIA Assurances, what about you?

If you would like to be supported by our firm, don’t wait any longer:

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Why partner with MIA Assurances?

1. Our services are completely free and non-binding.
2. We have an international team available to answer the questions of your English-speaking companies, and/or who have issues specific to foreign companies in France.
3. We have specific agreements with our insurance partners to make it easier to set up and manage policies.

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