Our CSR approach | MIA Assurances

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an ongoing commitment adopted by companies in order to have a positive impact on society, but also to better respect the environment. This commitment stems from the desire to make a significant contribution to sustainable development by implementing actions such as respecting human rights and protecting the planet.

We have adopted a number of initiatives, both internally and externally, including actions linked to sustainable development such as recycling, reducing energy consumption…

1 – Improving the quality of life at work

Because CSR is above all an ethical and very human project, it is essential for us to consider it as a means of offering our employees a quality workplace. To this end, in September 2022, MIA Assurances inaugurated spacious and comfortable new offices, conducive to teamwork.

Thanks to an open and social dialogue to develop and maintain the commitment of its employees with all of the company’s stakeholders, we create the conditions for solid and lasting trust. What’s more, MIA Assurances has set up a community lunch and relaxation area for its employees, as well as a free gym.


2 – Implementing an eco-responsible policy

In a world where the environment is rapidly deteriorating, eco-responsibility is becoming increasingly important for all companies. We also do our utmost to protect the environment. We train our employees to be conscientious about recycling, energy consumption and water conservation, both at home and in the office.

MIA Assurances is committed to a number of eco-responsible actions, such as the recycling of professional waste, the abandonment of paper and plastic, and energy consumption, to promote sustainability by reducing the company’s negative impact on the environment.

3 – Equal opportunities and the fight against discrimination

MIA Assurances is also committed to promoting diversity and contributing to the elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation. The workplace is made up of people with unique skills, experience, knowledge and contributions.

Our employment opportunities must be accessible to all, regardless of gender, racial or ethnic origin, religious belief, disability or age. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees and job applicants.

4 – Social performance and skills development

Our aim is also to ensure that our employees develop their skills by organizing training courses and taking part in business webinars…

In particular, we aim to develop human potential through working conditions that promote employee performance.

Our concrete humanitarian and environmental actions

  • Implementation of an annual training plan
  • Creation of a rest area to encourage breaks
  • Provision of a crate of fruit from local & organic farms
  • Minimization of printing and preferential use of e-mail (with elimination of as many unnecessary archives as possible).
  • Providing employees with a water-saving kit
  • Encouraging recycling and limiting paper use
  • Participation in the Odysséa 2022 race in support of breast cancer research
  • Reducing energy consumption by heating to a maximum of 19 degrees and turning off all lights at night
  • Packaging management and waste sorting
  • Limitation of plastic waste and reduction of carbon footprint through the use of a water cooler (CASTALIE) that respects environmental and health standards.
  • Almost all cabinet furniture from French or European manufacturers