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Do your employees have the best healthcare coverage on the market?

Taking into account your budget, how many employees you have, their family composition, and your company’s business sector, MIA Assurances is in a position to consult a number of insurers to find the best insurance plan for you!

By choosing to entrust your SME or VSE’s employee benefits to MIA Assurances, you will be given a free review of your current solutions to guarantee that your employees have access to the best insurance plans on the market! MIA Assurances saves you a considerable amount of time by producing a comparison of compulsory company supplementary insurance plans.

SMEs and VSEs: don’t waste any more time looking for the right insurance solutions.


  1. We look at your existing plans: are the medical services that need to be well insured (specialists, vision and dental care, prevention, etc.) sufficiently covered by your company supplementary insurance? Is your death & disability plan the best one for your business? Would you like to enhance staff loyalty with a tax-deductible savings solution?
  2. Our team of professional insurance specialists will draw up your specifications.
  3. We conduct a search among our 40 insurance partners.
  4. We then present you with a selection of insurance plans at the best price, and in compliance with your legal obligations.

Find the best insurance plan for SMEs – VSEs

Quality employee benefits are a significant salary advantage for your employees. They’re not only a means of enhancing loyalty, but also a way to offer a desirable salary package. Employee savings solutions mean you can offer an attractive level of remuneration with less tax to pay.

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