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What if you chose MIA Assurances to represent you in France?

While it’s true that France has many particularities and a huge range of insurance offerings, you can simply rely on the expertise of a French counterpart to guarantee your clients a quality employee benefits package (supplementary health insurance, death & disability, retirement, unemployment, etc.) at the best price.

MIA Assurances will deliver specific services essential to brokers and p rofessional network with:
– An international team 100% bilingual French-English,
– Several years’ experience of working with international companies in France,
– Documentation in French and English,
– Explanations of employee benefits protection in France,
– Compliance with the regulations in force (GDPR, AML/CFT, duty of advice, etc.),
– Free and non-binding reviews,
– Customized advice to help you set up benefit plans in France, working with the payroll firm if necessary.

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Essential agreements for international companies in France

MIA Assurances has negotiated more flexible rules with some insurance partners to adapt the process to the needs of international companies:

  • The insurance can be taken out before a SIRET number has been obtained (if the company is in the process of being registered),
  • Retroactive effective date possible up to 3 months,
  • Coverage available for groups between 1 and 50 employees (or more with a dispensation)
  • Digital pricing and applications = zero paper
  • Insurance contracts issued within 24 hours
  • Payment of premiums possible from France or abroad, by bank transfer or direct debit in the SEPA zone.

MIA Assurances, Lockton’s partner in France

A number of international brokers have chosen us to support their clients in France. This includes Lockton, the world’s leading family-owned broker. Lockton depends on the teams at MIA Assurances to implement employee benefit solutions for their international clients setting up in France.
So, what if you also chose to work with us?