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On what criteria should you compare supplementary medical insurance plans?

Hospitalization and Private Practice

With a ceiling of 300% of the SSRB for specialists, your employees will be reimbursed €59 (including the Social Security reimbursement) for a consultation with a gynaecologist. Basic state-approved (or “responsible”) health insurance plans generally cover this type of medical service at between 100% of the SSRB and 500% of the SSRB.

Dental and Optical Care

Always included in all plans. A dental crown costing around €600 will be reimbursed at €500 (including the Social Security reimbursement) with coverage at 300% of the SSRB: make a difference by reducing out-of-pocket expenses for your employees!

Alternative Medicine

These new medical services, which are not reimbursed by Social Security, are becoming increasingly popular in France. Focus on the well-being of your employees by covering osteopathy, acupuncture and homeopathy.


Don't neglect screening tests or smoking cessation support.


Easy access to information if you have any questions, getting the right answers, accuracy of the reimbursement amounts, processing times, and more. These are all points to bear in mind when choosing your supplementary health insurance provider!


Choose a service provider who will be able to deliver HR access allowing you to enrol your employees and make changes online and who will provide your employees with a range of online services (client extranet, mobile app, teleconsultation service, etc.) to make their lives easier.

How is healthcare coverage structured in 2022?

As an employer in France, you are required to offer your employees a so-called “responsible” or state-approved health insurance plan, for which you must pay at least 50%. This basic health insurance plan supplements Social Security reimbursements while complying with the regulatory limits: the supplementary health insurance plan therefore provides a reasonable level of coverage, but remains insufficient for certain types of medical expenses. To provide your employees with comprehensive coverage, you must also offer them a group supplementary insurance plan (compulsory for all your employees) or an individual plan (optional and based on personal choice).

Example of a consultation with an ENT specialists at €80
ReimbursementSocial security
Top-up at 300% % RB
Optional top-tup

The €1 flat rate contribution to costs is not reimbursed as insurance companies are not allowed to reimburse this contribution.

So how do you choose the right health insurance for your business?

There are a number of criteria to look at when choosing the best company health insurance plan. These include:
• Your company’s business sector: your National Collective Bargaining Agreement certainly provides for a minimum level of coverage. MIA Assurances always analyzes your company’s Collective Bargaining Agreement,
• The composition of the family and age of your employees to be covered,
• The area where your employees live as medical expenses and excess fees vary from one region to another.

Don’t hesitate to request a review of your employee benefits from MIA Assurances, including a comparison of the products available, to help you choose the best plan for your company.

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