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Why insure your employees abroad?

If your business involves foreign travel, you’ll need to arrange appropriate coverage. For business assignments, whether your employees travel occasionally or regularly, you’ll need a plan that covers urgent medical fees and repatriation. Also, it may be useful, especially in the most at-risk regions, to take out a plan covering kidnapping and ransom demands. It’s better to be prepared because this type of risk can soon cost you dearly!

If you have expats or seconded employees, either on their own or as a family, it will be essential to include insurance coverage in the salary package they are offered. The right insurance solution will depend on the country of residence (and therefore on its healthcare system and costs) and on the solution chosen: secondment or expatriation. If your employee remains enrolled in the French Social Security system or is enrolled in the Caisse des Français de l’Etranger (CFE), you’ll need to take out a plan covering out-of-pocket expenses (in the same way as a supplementary health insurance plan in France). Otherwise, you should opt for a “1st euro” plan to provide the full reimbursement of medical expenses (depending on the level of coverage chosen).

To ensure you don’t forget all the important benefits required when going abroad (medical, assistance, personal liability, pension, etc.), count on MIA Insurance Broker:

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