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You are a payroll provider, or an HR department within the payroll department, and you declare your employees’ contributions on a monthly basis in order to send the information to the complementary medical, death and disability and pension providers. Since the implementation of the “DSN”, it is important to follow the different steps of the configuration. Although this new format for exchanging computerized data is intended to facilitate the declaration, you must remain careful with multiple parameters that can lead to anomalies.


The DSN configuration form is a document provided by your insurer every year (complementary medical, death and disability and pension provider), and which must be carefully filled out in order to set up the DSN.

This document is updated every year and is available on your portal, in the “Services compl√©mentaires” section, then “Organismes compl√©mentaires”. It is important to download it in .xml or .pdf format each year to integrate it into your payroll software.

To accomplish your Nominal Social Declaration, you can either automatically integrate the form in .xml format into your payroll software, or manually integrate the form in .pdf format. Be careful, a data entry error can happen very quickly if you enter it manually!

DSN: key items to make it work

We recommend that you check these items carefully so that the DSN is done smoothly, without incident:

  • make your declaration before the 5th or the 15th of the month depending on your workforce (see our article presenting the basics of the DSN)
  • you already sent your insurer a signed SEPA direct debit mandate along with a bank account number,
  • indicate in your declaration the Option code provided in the configuration form,
  • declare the current contribution rates
  • do not forget to declare your mandatory medical top-up contracts,
  • update the Monthly Social Security Ceiling (PMSS)
  • check your deposit file every month because there can always be an issue,

Your insurance company receives and processes the data from your declaration.

Tip: we recommend that you activate the alert on the Net-Entreprises site to be informed when your insurer makes new configuration forms available.

Some advice to avoid mistakes

  • update your data on Net-Entreprises
  • fill in and update your SIRET number: it is compulsory for DSN!
  • Your payroll software must comply with the NEODES norms.

If you need help to set up your DSN, or to update your data each year, MIA Assurances is at your disposal to assist you in these different steps.

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